Semi Orthopedics and Ortheses

On referral of medical specialist patients turn to us for the manufacturing or modification:- semi orthopedic shoes for kids with flat feet.- inlays for treatment or prevention of foot problems like ulcers, by making ortheses with pressure relieving effect or to stimulate the correct natural bio-mechanism unroll-movement of the feet.- corrective ortheses for support when the case is for example length differences in the legs, cloven-feet and others feet-problems.- hallux valgus correction night braces.Available the Xsensible semi orthopedic shoes for diabetic patients and or prevention of for example ulcers. Xsensible “the stretchable shoe” is especially designed to immediately fit your feet perfecty like a second layer of skin and therefore is recommended for those who have feet problems or walk and stand a lot. Flexible, Elastic and Breathing leather, removable natural cork inlays, and energy-saving contruction make for the perfect shoe.