Frequently asked Q’s

OUR men shoes often come in the size selection 6 – 13  , availability of the “right” size depends on the moment and the sales .

OUR ladies shoes come standard in the size selection 5 -10 (sometimes 6-11). We are hereby dependent on our suppliers. Availability of the “right” size,color and the right model depends on the moment  and the sales.

DID YOU KNOW: * that all our shoes, bags, luggage, leather goods are exclusive available at ONZ ; * Our prices lower and our quality better. *

Yes, we also have xXXL leather belts . If we don’t have your size , we’ll make a custom leather belt for you. You can bring your own buckle or choose one of ours . Colors leather : black, dark brown, light brown, natural brown and white.

Ordering SHOES online via our FB page or via our webpage is not yet possible . We are an “over-the-counter retailer” If you tell us which model and your size , we can put them on lay away . Such is only possible for a limited time ; usually 48 hours. . The shoe can then be picked up at your convenience. Advice : ALWAYS fit the shoe before buying . Availability of the “right” size, the right model depends on the moment  and sales.